Dress Code
Students must come to school dressed in clean, neat, and appropriate clothing
to conform to educational standards.
Students are prohibited from wearing the following attire:
1. Clothing displaying indecent, suggestive or profane writing, pictures or
2. Clothing that advertises or displays alcohol, tobacco or any illegal
3. Caps, hats and bandannas during the school day or at school-sponsored
4. Bare feet (some type of footwear must be worn)
5. Short-shorts, biker shorts, or cutoffs
6. Hairstyles which distract from the learning process or the health and
safety for either the student or others
7. Any clothing that could cause damage to others or school property
8. Clothing that is torn, ripped, or cut
9. Shirts, blouses, or other clothing worn unbuttoned, unzipped, or
otherwise purposely unfastened
10. “Grubby clothes,” those which are purposely torn or bedraggled or
threadbare, dirty or disheveled
11. Costumes and/or those clothes intended only for leisure, entertaining or
special occasions
12. Bare "midriff" (belly button) styles, see-through and low cut blouses,
halters, tank tops or thin-strapped tops (spaghetti straps)
13. Pants and shorts worn below the waist so as to expose undergarments
14. Pants that drag on the floor
15. Chains hanging or attached to pants or shorts
16. Coats and hoodies during school hours unless the student has
permission from a faculty member; if a student is cold they should have
a crew sweat shirt/sweater in their locker
17. Clothing with tears or holes that expose flesh or underclothes
Coaches, activity sponsors, and teachers may have additional dress
requirements for students who are in special lab classes, participating in
performing groups or representing the school as part of an extracurricular
activity program.
On the first violation of Student Appearance Policy, the student may telephone
his/her parents to request that proper apparel be brought to school for the
student to change into. Students will not be permitted to leave school to
change clothes or allowed to return to class until the change of clothes has
occurred. Students will be counted tardy or absent from class during the time
it takes to accomplish school appropriate dress or grooming. Should it not be
possible for parents to bring a change of clothes, the student will change into
PE clothes, or will remain in the office for the remainder of the day. Continual
violations of the dress code will result in disciplinary actions following those
outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. In the event the dress code violation
is also determined to violate other student conduct rules (e.g. public
indecency, insubordination, expression of profanity, and the like), the first
violation may result in discipline, up to expulsion.
Should a student be uncertain as to whether his/her dress or method of
grooming is consistent with the school’s policy, he/she should stop by the
building Administrative Office to review guidelines or contact the Principal
directly for approval.