VMS - Mental Health Awareness Week

Sometimes, we all feel misunderstood. Not taken seriously. Talking to someone you trust or being able to write it out can be very helpful.

VMS students were asked: "What, as a middle schooler, do you wish that adults would understand about you?"

Anonymous sticky notes filled the bulletin board almost immediately with some very insightful answers.

REMEMBER, it is always ok to reach out for help!

"We aren't perfect"

"Depression isn't just a fase" (phase)

"I wish that they understood that our phones don't cause our problems"

"Too much homework is stressful. We have lives after school you know"

"We have a lot of stuff going on in our lives!"

"We're not all the same"

"I wish they understood that because we laugh at something doesn't mean it's inappropriate"

"I have a drawing obsession.. I write on all of my papers"

"That our lives aren't theirs"

"That sometimes we want to enjoy our weekends"

"We can't understand everything and every way you teach us immediately"

"I agree"