Valentine Community Schools Rural Schools, Simeon School and Cutcomb Lake School presented their Science Fair projects today at VMS to parents and teachers! 

Listed below are presentations from each school. Simeon school is led by teachers Mrs. Shiloh Hanzlicek, Ms. Ki Khure and Mrs. Mandi Morrison. Cutcomb Lake school is led by teacher Mrs. Stacey Adamson. 

• "Sun, Summer, Sunscreen: Burn Free Baby" presented by Simeon 4th and 5th graders Shaye Kime, Hunter Harms and Alison Weller

• "Bath Volcanoes" presented Simeon kindergarteners Brit Beck, Kwynn Graham and Jake Kime

• "An 'Egg'tastic Experiment" presented by Cutcomb kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 4th graders Will Hotz, Taycee Adamson, Navaeh Hotz and Ainsley Adamson

• "Popping, Exploding, Glowing" presented Simeon 3rd graders Rachael Fischer, Kayleigh Harms and Cash Jenkins

• "Disappearing Vitamins" presented by Simeon 1st graders Bryan Fischer, Margaret Fischer and Sophia Harms

• "Mystery of M & M's" presented by Simeon 2nd graders Dalton Graham, Layfe Slagowski and William Weller

Great job to all students and teachers!