Kaylee Hanson and Lindsey Boes


Kaylee Hanson, Sophomore

Kaylee is pumped right now in Personal Finance.  We are playing the stock market game until April and Kaylee is all over this.  She is researching companies, trading after hours, and tracking everything in a Google Sheets (using her skills from Info Tech).  I LOVE this.  It is so exciting to see a student really run with the information that they are learning and take it to a whole new level - actually go beyond expectations.  This is where learning truly happens.  Keep it up Kaylee, trade on my friend!

- Alana Cardinal, Business Teacher/FBLA sponsor


Lindsey Boes, Senior, Speech

Lindsey is a strong leader within the Speech program.  She not only leads by example, but she builds up and encourages her teammates.  Lindsey went above and beyond to help us out when we hosted our home meet- arriving earlier than expected so she could help, as well as be a leader to her fellow Speech teammates- all while perfecting her performance and fine-tuning her second event.  We are excited to see what Lindsey will do this season.  She will be greatly missed next year!
- Katie Galvin and Alana Cardinal, Speech Coaches