McKenna Elliot and Delany Robison
McKenna Elliot, Sophomore

Having McKenna in Sociology this year is fantastic as she is a very hard worker and wants to do nothing but her best on everything she does. Her participation in our class discussions about various topics is beneficial for all of us in the class to better understand the society we live in. A huge part of Sociology is being able to think "outside of the box," and for McKenna this comes naturally due to her excellent work ethic and application of the material. Keep up the impressive work McKenna!
- Alex Jensen, Social Studies Teacher

Delaney Robison, Senior, Basketball

Delaney Robison. Delaney has consistently gotten better throughout the season and it has shown in the last few games. Against Chadron, Delaney had 8 points and 7 rebounds. Against Cozad, Delaney had 8 points and 9 rebounds. Delaney is a great leader who is constantly working to get better in practice and sets a great example for her younger teammates of how to work to get better.

- Ian Bish, Head Girls Basketball Coach