VMS Announcements 02/03/21
  • Lunch: Oven Roasted Hot Dog, Italian Melt, Salad, Tater Tots, Milk or Juice

  • Next Friday, the 12th we will be having Pizza Hut for lunch. Your first slice of pizza is covered by the lunch program. If you get doubles of the Pizza Hut pizza, you will be charged $1.90 and must have that amount in your lunch account to get the second piece. When placing your orders in Badger Pause today for the pizza, keep that in mind that you will need at least a $1.90 in your account to order doubles.

  • There is a sign up sheet in the office for any students interested in helping with the TeamMates concession stand on February 15th for the VMS Boys Basketball game.

  • Students: You are to wear your masks properly.  That means your mask needs to cover your nose as well as your mouth.  The reason is so we can keep in person learning and school activities.  It also helps with who needs to be quarantined and for how long.  If you are not wearing them properly you will be given a conduct report by staff and you will have to serve a detention.  Please follow the rules.  Staff, please be a good role model as well.  -Mr. Sayer

  • The following students need to report to the Conference Room for MAP testing: 8th period, Jessalyn Welch and Colton Pilakowski. 9th period, Mackenzie Jimenez, Sirayah Clifford, Thane Taylor and Cinch Miller.


  • VMS Student Council Badger Pause Graham Cracker Drive: Bish 26;  Breuklander 44!; Cronin 20;  Dredge 2;  Galvin 0;  Gass 3;  Hand 34!Pettigrew 46!;  Steskal 0;  Tinant 0;  Perrett 21;  Krolikowski 13;  Keller 14; Foster 14