Connor Kreutner and Shyanne Urbin
Connor Kreutner, Freshman

Connor Kreutner truly deserves to be Scholar of the Week.  He is an exceptionally hard working student with an overall cumulative GPA of 97%, which is no small feat.  He chooses classes to challenge himself as well.  But what I most admire about Connor is his good heart.  He is polite and kind, and he has a hello and thank you for everyone he crosses paths with in the hallway.  He goes through life with a grateful and positive attitude.  Connor, you are awesome!

- Mrs. Kilmer, School Counselor

Shyanne Urbin, Senior, Speech

Shyanne has done a fabulous job in Speech this year.  She has taken Sarah, Grace, and Finley under her wing and has taught them the ins and outs of competing in extemporaneous speech.  This is one of the most challenging, but also rewarding speech competitions.  Shyanne took it upon herself to explain this event to each new extemper, help them prepare their supplies, and walk them through the process.  She did this instinctively and it made a huge impression on Mrs. Galvin and I.  Speech is truly a team sport and Shyanne has stepped up into leadership.  We appreciate you and applaud you, Shyanne, keep being AMAZING!
- Mrs. Cardinal and Mrs. Galvin, Speech Coaches