VMS Announcements 02/01/21
  • Lunch: Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Pizza Pasta Bake, Baby Carrots, Golden Corn, Milk or Juice

  • Students, please remember to take your water bottles home and wash them thoroughly. Leaving water in them over the weekends in your locker is not good! Water left in a bottle for a long time is not safe to drink. This is because when we put our mouth at the rim of the bottle for drinking the water, the dead skin, dust, and sweat covering our skin gets backwashed in the remaining water. We all know that our saliva carries a lot of bacteria, which gets mixed with the water in the bottle. If it is allowed to rest for a while, the bacteria grows in it and when you drink the same water again, it finds a passage into your body. This can cause numerous health-related issues.  WASH YOUR WATER BOTTLES OFTEN!!! 

  • VMS Student Council Badger Pause Graham Cracker Drive: Bish 15;  Breuklander 44!; Cronin 20;  Dredge 2;  Galvin 0;  Gass 3;  Hand 20;  Pettigrew 32!;  Steskal 0;  Tinant 0;  Perrett 21!;  Krolikowski 5;  Keller 14; Foster 14

  • 2 p.m. dismissal today.  

  • VMS Boys Basketball will travel to Bennett County today for their game at 5:30 p.m. Team will depart at 3 p.m. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the team for winning the tournament this last weekend! Great job Badgers!