• Lunch: Italian Dunkers /Marinara Dipping Sauce, Corn Dog, Steamed Broccoli, Rice Crispy Treat, Fruit and Veggie Bar, Milk or Juice

  • All Jr. High students going to high school activities are expected to sit in the student section or with their parents and watch the game. We want students to come to events and support the badgers, but you will be asked to go home if you aren't sitting and watching the game.  -- Mr. Cronin

  • If you are interested in crochet OR cross stitch club, please stop by Mrs. Stoeger’s room to sign up. We will begin meeting in the near future. 

  • Ortho day on Friday?? If you have an appointment, please make sure to let the office know so you can get a slip to leave the building. And DRESS WARM (definitely wear gloves and a coat) in case you need to walk - it’s going to be a COLD COLD COLD day 🥶
  • VMS Boys Basketball will travel to Chadron on Saturday for their first game. Game starts at 12pm CST, team will depart at 9am. Good Luck Badgers!
  • VMS Girls Wrestling will host their first invite this Saturday in the VMS Gym. Invite starts at 9am. Wrestle tough Lady Badgers!





Homework Help

Every Day

Mr. Medema

Conference Room

Badger Cub 

Every Day

Mrs. O’Kief




Miss Jody

Mrs. Perrett’s - Room 3


*moved to Thursday, Jan. 11th


Gym Lobby


Wednesday, January 10,th

Mrs. Stoeger

Room 9


Tuesday, January 9th

Mrs. Keller

Mrs. Keller’s - Room 102