Call Candi Cronin if you are interested in being a TeamMate at 402-376-3367.

TeamMates is a mentoring program that is offered in the Valentine Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Students and their mentors meet weekly at the school, for a friendship, and go on a school-sponsored field trip each year. You can read more on TeamMates here.


To positively impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring.


Tom and Nancy Osborne founded the TeamMates Mentoring Program in 1991 in an effort to provide support and encouragement to school aged youth. The goal of the program is to see youth graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. To reach this goal, youth meet one hour per week with a caring adult who serves as a mentor. Mentors are volunteers from the community who have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the life of a young person. Mentors give youth a sense of hope, purpose, and vision.

The TeamMates Mentoring Program currently provides a mentor for over 3,000 youth across Nebraska and Iowa.


• Commitment to youth -- We are committed to serving youth with compassion and respect.
• Safety -- The safety and protection of the mentee and mentor are the first priority.
• Integrity and Trust -- We are committed to integrity and trust in all relationships.
• Inclusion -- We are committed to the inclusion of mentees and mentors from diverse backgrounds.


To serve 10,000 youth and be nationally recognized as the leading school-based mentoring program by 2015.


The National Mentoring Partnership has identified a "mentoring gap" and has issued a nationwide call to action. The partnership estimates 15 million youth are currently in need of a mentor. The need is great for caring adults in the lives of youth and with your help, we can make a difference, one youth at a time. Regardless of your background or your professional position, you have a role to play in the future of mentoring. By supporting the TeamMates Mentoring Program, you can change the future for an entire generation of young people.


"Our young people face different challenges today that affect them personally. If we are going to make a difference, we have to get involved with them as one-to-one mentors. We thank you for your support and we know that one student at a time, we can make a difference, not only in this generation but for the generations to come." - Dr. Tom & Nancy Osborne