VMS Announcements 4/24/19
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
  • Lunch:  Cheeseburger Soup w/Dinner Roll, Roasted Hot Dog, Taquito, Jalapeno BBQ Baked Beans
  • NSCAS Testing for all grades will be tomorrow and Thursday for Math. Make sure you get plenty of sleep at night, eat breakfast and do your very best!
  • All students are encouraged to visit the Taco Bar in the multi purpose room this week and share some kind and encouraging messages to your classmates or anyone else you would like to show gratitude!  Please make sure to follow the rules so that everyone gets a chance!
  • Would the following students please report to Mr. Sayer’s office. Mekallyn Bancroft, Taylor Battershaw, Jaycie Cox, Bryan Keller, Connor Kreutner, Jack Lancaster, Sheldyn Rodgers, Gavin Sandoz, James Woodraska, Joslyn Yarbrough
  • It is Administrative Professional Day!  Thank you Alison for everything you for our students and staff!!