The Board of Education for Cherry County District #6 has established the following academic requirements for graduation. All students will need to accumulate 260 hours in order to graduate. Of these hours students are required to accumulate 40 hours of English, 30 hours of Social Studies, 30 hours of Math, 30 hours of Science, 10 hours of Information Technology and 10 hours of Physical Education.

A student receives 10 hours of credit for each class passed for a year. This means that a student can earn a maximum of 80 hours a year at VHS.

Students planning to attend college will need to prepare themselves by taking further core courses. For example the University of Nebraska-Lincoln requires 40 hours of English, 40 hours of Math (Algebra 1 and above), 30 hours of Science, 30 hours of Social Studies, and 20 hours of a Foreign Language for assured admission. These are among the toughest entrance requirements in the nation. Generally if you have met the UNL requirements, you will meet any college requirements in the country.

As you look through this booklet you need to look ahead to where you want to be when you graduate and what you plan to do.

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