Week of April 6 - 9

Listen on YouTube and compare “Flash” by Tom Wallace and “No” (Meghan trainor) as per

formed by UNLV Scarlet Dance Line.

Briefly tell me which you liked best, why and is this something you think our band is capable of performing.

WEEK OF MARCH 30 - April 3

I would like you to listen to 2 virtuosos that play your instrument. Note who is playing, the name of the music, when they performed and where they performed. Also, I would like at least 2 sentences of comments about what you thought. (ex. Did you enjoy, were you impressed by how well they played, were you disappointed?) Send it to my email crhoades@vcsbadger.net as an attachment. It is due 4/3 and this will be your grade for the week. Also, if you are an underclassman and you have not picked up your horn and the music to "Pomp and Circumstance" please call me and I will get it to you. I would like to have you working on that. (420-322-1361)Miss you all!!!!

Week of March 23-27

First of all, I miss all of you! I am so disappointed that SWC had to be canceled and we aren't getting to play our pieces. Hopefully District Music can still be held...... In the meantime, I do have an assignment for you. 

*** Research the history of the instrument you play, you can include the earliest known date it existed, where is was discovered, was it developed from another instrument, materials it can be made from, interesting facts (how many are sold each year, who manufacturers them);Past and present (1 or 2) skilled musicians that play them.

These are merely suggestions. The paper should be at least one page, double spaced with 12 point font and no more than 1" margins. It is worth 25 points and each lost point is worth 4. You can attach it back to me in an email. It is your grade for the week. 

*********Please get a hold of me to schedule a time to get your horn. It would be great if you would all work on your parts and/or solos. Keep track of your practice time and gain bonus points!! I will be at the school on Tuesday (24th) and Wednesday (25th) from 9-11 to let you in to get your instruments. Please call and let me know you are coming. My number is 402-322-1361.

Missing you all...........Mrs. Rhoades