Cherry County Written Spelling Bee Results
Jeff Sayer
Friday, January 25, 2019

Third Grade-1st-Addison Stec VES, 2nd-Carter Anderson Kennedy School, 3rd-Mali Morrison VES
Fourth Grade-1st-Duncan Mosner VES, 2nd-Dominic Beebout VES, 3rd-Joni Cox VES
Fifth Grade-1st-Kylee Hoefs VES, 2nd-Grace Murphy VES, 3rd-Colton Pilakowski VES
Sixth Grade-1st-Justin Wyckoff Cody/Kilgore, 2nd-Emma McMurtrey VMS, 3rd-Doc Lancaster VMS
Seventh Grade-1st-Ciana Colvin VMS, 2nd-Nicklous Ohlmann VMS, 3rd-Grant Boes VMS
Eighth Grade-1st-Taylor Battershaw VMS, 2nd-Lee Major VMS, 3rd-Byron Skinner Cody/Kilgore

The top three written spellers in grades fourth through eighth have qualified for the oral portion of the competition.  The Cherry County Oral Spelling Bee will be held Thursday, February 14, at the Valentine High School Auditorium at 1:00 p.m.