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Badger Pause


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Badger Pause

Mrs. Thorpe

Badger Pause Coordinator

Valentine Middle School

239 N. Wood Street

Valentine, NE  69201

(402) 376-3367


Badger Pause Philosophy

Middle School years in a student’s life are full of changes, challenges, transitions, and turbulence. It is a special time when students need someone with whom they can feel free to express their feelings and thoughts and know that however off the wall they may feel, someone will listen without judging and without compromising the trust they have placed in that someone. Badger Pause is a time for a small group of students to form a close and trusting relationship with one another and with one adult in the Middle School.


Schedule of Days

Monday:  Business Day

All Mondays are Business Day. The high school and middle school sports and activities and calendars will be reviewed from the Business Day announcements. The week’s lunch menu will be read if it is available. This time may be used for buying lunch tickets, getting make-up slips, visiting, studying.

Tuesday: Reading Day or Outside
Every Tuesday will be a reading day unless there is no school on Monday. If Tuesday is the first day of the week it will be business day. Students and teachers must read on Reading Day. Novels, magazines, newspapers, and assigned literature reading is allowed. Students are allowed to make themselves comfortable during this time. Advisors may choose to read a book to the entire group.

Wednesday: Sharing Days/Career Speakers
On Sharing days, students are allowed to visit with teachers or counselor to discuss any problems or issues needing to be addressed. Pictures, demos, hobbies, special interests, etc. are some things encouraged to be shared.

Badger Pause groups may bring in an approved speaker during this time.

Thursday: Guidance Activity
On Thursdays, students will do a guidance activity. Please visit with the students about the activities. Students are expected to participate.

Friday: Game & Music Day
Students may play board games, cards, or a group of game of their choice on Fridays. There are games in the library to use, or students may bring them from home. Game days may also be planned with other Badger Pause groups, such as charades, pictionary, trivial pursuit, etc. There will also be scheduled team building games during this time.


Food Days
Teachers will provide food on Food Day. This will be held on the first Friday of each month to celebrate birthdays and holidays. Food privileges will be taken away if students cannot keep their Badger Pause rooms clean. All food should be eaten during Badger Pause time or left with the Badger Pause teacher until after school.

Locker Clean-Up Day
Once a month students will clean out their lockers during Badger Pause time. We will use four days, having three groups each day.

Movie Week
Movie week will be held once a quarter. Students will join with one or two other groups to watch the movie. Movies will be chosen by three Badger Pause groups each quarter and should be previewed by one of the adults before showing.

Quiz Bowl
Two quiz bowls are held each year. The first one is prior to Christmas vacation and the second one at the end of the school year. Each Badger Pause is represented by four students, one from each grade and one at large. Students participating in the first bowl cannot be on the second team. The winning team from first quarter will play the winning team from second semester at the end of the second quiz bowl.

Community Service Projects
Each Badger Pause group is expected to participate in a Community Service project once a year. All students in the group are expected to help with the project in some way unless their parents do not want them to do so. The Badger Pause groups will also participate in one school project each year if there is one available. (Ex. Every third year at Merritt Dam Reservoir.)

Examples of Community Service Projects:

Merritt Dam Reservoir Clean Up Day: Every third year, the Valentine Middle School students, staff, and parents go to Merritt Dam to clean up the beaches.

Cleaned trash from the ecology park.

Prepared bird feeders from pine cones for the nursing home.

Collected Box Tops for Education to purchase items for the Accelerated Reading Store and pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

Ran concession stands and used the money to donate to the Stuff a Stocking program for the Police Department, and scholarships given to previous Badger Pause students graduating from high school.

Picked up trash.

Collected canned food for the Holiday Food Drive.

Collected socks, gloves, and mittens for a Christmas tree and distributed to needy families.

Made a trash barrel and placed it in city park and picked up trash in the park during the school year.