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Speech season has recently ended, so we asked Mrs. Pilakowski-- one of the speech coaches-- to tell us a little bit about this hobby. Here's what she had to say:

Mrs. Pilakowski has had many memories with speech but some of her memories that she cherishes is when everyone is so tired during practice that everything seems "funny and goofy." She was asked if speech kids gain confidence after joining this activity and she says that they do! In fact, after joining, they often join other school activities as well. There are many different categories one can join when in speech and they're all equally as fun, but Mrs. P says that her all-time favorite to watch would be Informative-- she loves seeing the visual aids! Poetry seems to be the most popular category to join but group performances seem to be as well. It is clear that extemporaneous is the hardest of all the categories because it takes a person who is both good at writing, as well as quick at thinking to compose a speech like that. She says that her favorite thing about speech is how hard-working the speakers are. Lastly, she was asked what her best advice is if someone wanted to join this fun and competitive activity. She said, "In speech, success and failure is all on you. Since it's an individual activity, it's truly YGOWYPI: You Get Out What You Put In. Force yourself to practice, to seek advice, to listen to competitors and learn from them. If you don't do those things, you won't be successful."

Good job to all the the people who performed this year!


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