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Elementary and Middle School Supply Lists

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The first day of school is just around the corner, and as we prepare the schools for another year we hope your summer is going well. 

Our Elementary teachers have put together a list of supplies your students will need to bring.


 Backpack or Bag
 1 Pocket Folder
 Large box of Kleenex
1 Subject Spiral Notebook

1st Grade

 Crayons (24 count ONLY)
 Pack of #2 Pencils (wooden, 
     no design or plastic wrap)

 2 Two-Pocket Folders
 Pencil Box
 Pkg. of 24 Pencil Top Erasers
 3 Large Kleenex
 4-8 Glue Sticks

2nd Grade

 Crayons (24 count)
 24  #2 Pencils
 2 Two-Pocket Folders
 1 Big Eraser
 Large Kleenex
 Backpack/Book Bag
 4 oz. of Glue & Glue Sticks

Do Not Bring
Trapper Keepers
Rulers, Scissors
Pencil Sharpeners

3rd Grade 

Crayons (16 Count)
8-12   #2 Pencils
2 Two-Pocket Folders
2 One-Subject Notebooks  
Waterbase Markers
Pencil Top Erasers
2 Large Kleenex
Backpack/Book Bag
2 Glue Sticks 
Yellow, Pink, & Green 
    Highlighters (1 each)

Optional : Pencil Bag (no  
boxes), Scissors

NO Trappers or Big Binders

4th Grade 

Colored Pencils 
Small Bag of pencil cap erasers
2 Large Boxes Kleenex
24   #2 Pencils
1 Zippered Pencil Bag
3 Wide Ruled 1-Subject
   Notebooks (70 pages or
   more) wire bound
1 pkg wide rule loose leaf paper
1 box graham crackers
2 Highlighter Pens
1 Correcting Pen (red)

NO: Fabric Book Covers, Handheld Pencils Sharpeners or Pencil Boxes

Please label all supplies with student's name

5th Grade

2 Red Pens
Big Eraser
Zippered Pencil Case
5 One-Subject Spiral 
2 Large Boxes of Kleenex
5 Two-Pocket Folders
2 Blue Pens
1 Highlighter Pen
#2 Pencils (Not Mechanical)


PLEASE label all supplies with permanent maker. 

NO: Stretchy Book Covers, Trappers or Binders

PLEASE replenish pens and pencils 2nd semester.

The Valentine Middle School has this Suggested Supplies for Success List


Pens – Black or Blue

Pencils (#2 Preferably)

Folders/Notebooks : 6 Folders and 6 One-Subject Notebooks

Pencil Bag

Paper Book Covers or Paper Grocery Bags – 6

PE  Clothes – T-Shirt and Shorts, Towel, Deodorant, Soap and Shampoo